Padana Resine specializes in the production of polyolefinic and elastomeric compounds for the modification of distilled bitumen. As a result of many years of activity in this field, Padana Resine owns a technologically advanced compounding process, a sophisticated laboratory for research, development and quality control, operated by a highly qualified team of experts who have spent a life time dealing with all aspects of bitumen modification.

Massive production capacity together with high flexibility in handling stocks and shipments make Padana Resine a modern reliable partner for the roofing industry.

Padana Resine's product line consists of polyolefinic and elastomeric compounds, specifically engineered for the modification of distilled bitumen for roofing membranes.

The production process goes through various phases: melting, mixing, filtration and packaging.

The compounds present a wide distribution of molecular weights, a basically amorphous structure, do not contain volatiles, moisture, fillers or additives, unless required on strictly technical grounds. They are easy to disperse also in bitumen with relatively low compatibility and manage to improve the most significant technical parameters, such as ring & ball, needle penetration, cold flexibility and heat flow.


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